Five Homemade Treats For Your Pooch

We all love a delicious treat, especially homemade goodies. Well our canine friends enjoy them too! Wouldn’t you prefer your dog to be eating inexpensive healthy, easy-to-make homemade dog treats over the costly store-bought ones with harmful ingredients? To get you started, here are five quick and easy, healthy homemade dog treat recipes for delicious homemade dog treats that your dog will find simply irresistible! These recipes can be made in under 20 minutes and require only a few simple ingredients, and some don’t even require any cooking. […]

Winter Feeding Our Feathered Friends

When winter rolls in and our trees have lost their leaves and darkness comes early, wild birds still fill our suburban landscapes. We are amazed at their tenacity and resourcefulness as they search for food and warmth through the long winter months. We can help to provide these tiny creatures with food, cover, roosting areas, and nesting spots by planting native seed and berry-producing trees, shrubs, and vines. We can also set out feeders, which not only help feed them, but also give us a chance to observe and enjoy wild birds at close range. […]

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